Net proceeds from the choir’s performances are donated to charities of the International Women’s Club and the Salvation Army. We invite individual and corporate sponsorship for the choir and its charitable projects. To receive information on the benefits of sponsorship, please contact Carol Sorrenti.

Charities we have supported with funds from past concerts include:

Cradle, a small independent NGO that provides assistance to impoverished single mothers with children. Past donations from our choir have enabled the organization to increase its shelter and to provide vocational and legal aid to its clients. In this way many children who might otherwise have ended up in state orphanages are able to remain in a family setting.

The Foster Family Project: This project was launched by the IWC in 1999. It supports 10 families fostering approximately 50 children. The IWC helps these families, all of whom struggle in the face of administrative obstacles, poor funding, health problems, and lack of support from local authorities. Many of the fostered children are mentally handicapped and have problems at school. Some are street-children abandoned by their own parents. The Foster Family Project offers these families the assistance of 12 tutors (in mathematics, Russian and foreign languages, music, chemistry, biology, solfeggio), as well as two psychologists, a family doctor, and a family lawyer.

The Street Children Project in St Petersburg. This project provides food and other necessities on a regular basis to street children in St Petersburg.